About Us

A shop by Cockatiel People for Cockatiel People.

Our mission is to bring to the world the joy of cockatiels. We do this by designing and providing high-quality gifts and apparel to cockatiel enthusiasts and bird fans. 

Our Story begins with Larry Bird the "Parakeet." 

In 2007, our founder Diana was offered a chance to adopt a "parakeet" named Larry Bird from a family that was moving. Over the course of conversations, she quickly realized that Larry Bird was not a parakeet (budgerigar) but rather a 9-year old cockatiel! Having never cared for a cockatiel before, Diana did a lot of research to determine if she could take on the responsibility, and a few months later adopted Larry Bird. Today, Larry Bird is part of a larger family (including Diana) and is 23-years old. He's staying strong! Larry Bird maintains a cheerful and charming personality despite setbacks of cancer and arthritis. Some of his adventures have included a few cross-country road trips, evacuating a hurricane, surviving a nearby tornado, alerting the household to a mouse intruder, and a broken wing injury. He's a true warrior and inspiration to many!

Larry Bird turned out to be a cockatiel, not a budgerigar!

There is a Large Flock of Cockatiel Fans out there.

Larry Bird's human family quickly learned that there are many cockatiel enthusiasts out there. These bird owners, bird trainers, veterinarians, and others devote a lot of their lives to make sure companion cockatiels get the best lives possible! So many communities are out there to support our little cockatiel friends.

We name a few that have been especially impactful to us:

We seek to serve those who selflessly serve our feathered friends with fun gifts and items!

At we seek to provide high-quality cockatiel-themed goods for everyone in the flock to enjoy their cockatiel fandom. Many of us spend a lot of time caring for our pet cockatiels - now's the time to have some fun!

    • Unique cockatiel designs: We design all of our products with you in mind! Hours are spent thinking of fun and funny designs.
    • Eco-friendly made-to-order: We have production partners who make items as soon as they are ordered. We believe this is the most eco-friendly way to provide these goods because waste is not created with excess inventory.
    • Customizable: We also offer custom designs centered around your feathered friend. Simply email us to request a custom product or gift idea.
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