Top 10 gifts for bird owners

Are you searching for the perfect gift for that bird owner in your life? Here's top 10 gifts that won't break your budget. Great for holidays, birthdays, Christmas, housewarming, or just because!

1. A gift card to their favorite pet store ($5 - $100)

Find out what pet store your friend likes to go to for their pet supplies and get a gift card from there. Consider supporting local bird supply shops. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you can also get an Amazon gift card as many bird supplies are available via Amazon these days!



2. Customized mug with a pet bird's name on it ($15 - $40)

Your friend is proud to be a bird owner, so why not get a custom mug with the bird's name on it? For cockatiel parents, here's a fun mug on Etsy that can be customized to say "(Friend's Name) is my favorite" "Love, Pet's name." 

customized cockatiel mugPersonalized cockatiel mug on Etsy


3. Custom parrot portrait ($20 - $80+)

For this hilarious gift, you'll need a good photo of your friend's pet to submit. There are several services out there that put the bird's head on a funny body such as a Renaissance outfit or costume, and make it look like a real painted portrait. You can purchase a digital file or have it printed on posters or canvases. Search online or check out the Etsy store below.

Custom pet portrait on Etsy

Need a more budget option for this gift? Consider hiring a graphic artist on who can take the pet photo and any outfit you want and work their photoshop magic for $5 - $25.

4. Coloring books about parrots ($5 - $25)

There are so many fun coloring books available that span the various bird species like cockatoos, cockatiels, quaker parrots, parakeets, amazons, etc! Add some crayons or colored pencils and this makes a super fun gift for a bird lover!


5. Professional portrait with pet ($70 - $200+)

This is a pricier gift for the bird owner who already has everything. A professional photographer can visit their home